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Sports Medicine Specialists Toront


Massage Therapy for Sports Injuries Etobicoke

Sports massage can help an athlete deal with their injuries and it can also work as a preventative treatment. This type of massage deals with muscle health, connective tissue, symmetry, tone, range of movement, muscle balance, and the quality of posture. The massage manipulates the soft tissue to help release tension, restore the range of movement and reduce pain. It is geared specifically towards athletes and focuses on the muscles that have been used and overused due to aggressive and repetitive movement or to a specific sports injury.

Sports Injury Massage Therapy Benefits

Here are just a few of the many benefits that you can expect as part of a massage therapy treatment:

Shorter Recovery Time – Engaging in sports is extremely stressful on the body. A massage increases the lymph and blood flow to help the body heal itself naturally. Inflammation and swelling is reduced and even scar tissue can be lessened with a sports injury massage.

Flexibility and Motion – Overtraining can lead to muscle rigidity. A sports massage can relax tense muscles to provide more flexibility.

Reduce Uric and Lactic Acids These are natural byproducts that build up in the body during exercise. They can be lessened through a sports massage that increases waste output.

Increased Supply of Nutrients and Oxygen – The healing time can be reduced since more nutrients and oxygen will enter the muscles due to an increased blood flow. This creates new tissue, while providing more stamina and strength.

Reduce Pain – A sports massage can help with the pain associated with an injury by increasing the flow of lymph fluid and blood. As a result, the rehabilitation process of the injury will be quicker allowing the athlete to return to the field as soon as possible.

Massage therapy can also help with stress management and injury prevention. Many athletes enjoy a massage before a game to help limber up the muscles and to increase the oxygen flow to them. Others have a massage post-game to help their muscles relax and to help release stress from the body. Anyone of any age can enjoy the benefits of massage therapy from young children up to the elderly.

At CrossFit Colosseum we are dedicated to keeping you in your game. Our Etobicoke massage therapists will tailor your treatment according to your specific needs and can work out a customized treatment plan for you that can be adapted as you continue with your therapy. To find out more about sports injury massage therapy please visit, call us at (416) 644-0075 or feel free to drop into our sports medicine clinic any time at 222 Islington Ave. #4, Toronto, ON.