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One of the most important things for athletes in training mode is to keep their body conditioned, while avoiding over exerting themselves. When training, it can be tempting to push your body’s limits and this can sometimes result in overtraining and injury.Overtraining occurs when people exert themselves by combining strenuous or stressful work during the day, with evening workouts. This cycle results in overworking the mind and body, with little to no time for recovery. The Crossfit Clinic, the sports medicine clinic specialists in Toronto, has compiled a guide to some signs of overtraining, and how to avoid it.

Overtraining can be a result of the body being repeatedly overworked, and not getting adequate recovery time. There are some physiological signs of overtraining that can include (but are not limited to):

-Low levels of concentration

-Sleep disturbance

-Emotional or mood disorders, such as mood swings

-Low level of motivation and performance, despite increase in activity

-Decreased appetite, associated with weight loss

-Persistent fatigue

These are a few symptoms of overtraining, but they can vary with each individual. It is important to get a full assessment so overtraining can be accurately diagnosed.

If recovering from overtraining, it is important to designate time for total rest- from a few days, to a few weeks depending on the severity of your case. This ensures that your body can take the time it needs to rest and revitalize. Consider adding massages to your routine, which help relax and aid recovery from activity as well. Luckily, there are some easy ways to avoid overtraining, which include:

-Know your abilities, and pay attention to your limits- do not exert or overreach!

-When engaging in strenuous activity, ensure proper rest and recovery time is taken.

-Pay attention to post-exercise symptoms before continuing working out/training.

-Prioritize the approach of your training, and revise your training program with the help of a professional, such as a physiotherapist.

Overtraining is easy to avoid, but if you or an athlete you know fall into a cycle of overtraining, we are here to help. As the sports medicine clinic specialists in Toronto, Crossfit Clinic, can provide the athletic therapy needed to get you performing at your best. Contact us today- fill out our convenient online form or call us at 416-644-0075.